Growing in your faith was designed by God to be done best in community. LifeGroups are small groups of people (Typically 12-18) that focus on building relationships with others by meeting weekly and helping each person take their spiritual Next Step!

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Sunday Groups

Sunday Night   |   5:30 pm   |   Childcare Provided

Jimmy & Becky Shelton
Please contact
Jimmy or Becky
for more information.
Jimmy - 281-682-7251
Becky - 281-467-2414

Sunday Night   |   5 pm   |   Childcare Provided

Bubba & Amanda West
Please contact
Bubba or Amanda
for more information.
Bubba- 832-291-5646
Mandy- 832-294-7484

Sunday Night   |   5:30 pm   |   Childcare Provided

Jeff & Susan Moore
Please contact
Jeff or Susan
for more information.
Jeff- 817-891-0381
Susan- 817-808-2399

Monday Groups

Monday Night   |   6 pm   |   Childcare Provided

Brian & Whitney Shepard
Please contact
Brian or Whitney
for more information.
Brian - 713-594-2095
Whitney - 281-910-5594

Tuesday Groups

Tuesday Night   |   6 pm   |   Childcare Provided

Eddie & Rosa Mendez
Please contact
Eddie or Rosa
for more information.
Eddie- 832-606-6336
Rosa- 832-713-4368

Thursday Night   |   6 pm   |   Childcare  Provided

Matt & Kaylea Wamble
Please contact
Matt or Kaylea
for more information.
Matt - 832-588-0936
Kaylea - 832-556-3517

Thursday Groups

Thursday Night   |   6 pm   |   Childcare Provided

Heath & Christi Juergens
Please contact
Heath or Christi
for more information.
Heath- 281-755-7698
Christi- 281-414-3782

LifeGroup coaches

Hank & Peggy Wamble

Hank and Peggy have a heart for group life and the transformative power of relationships that begin in LifeGroups. Over the last 25 years they have been participants, leaders, and coaches in groups. Most recently they executed a training program that prepared our LifeGroup leaders to successfully launch in September of 2022.